Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day (-1)  Tomorrow is Quit Day - September 23, 2014

Tomorrow is quit day.  I'm pretty sure this is about the 4th or 5th time I've attempted a quit in my 17 years of being a smoker.  I've smoked a zillion brands, lights, ultra lights, this color, that color but all and all tomorrow is the day.  I am absolutely fed up and it has had too much of an impact on my life as a 33 year old, and is beginning to effect others in my life who I care for. 

My most recent quit was in the fall of 2013.  I was a huge fan of the patch as it was always available, never made me crave, was "clean" for the most part and it actually put me in a position where I stopped smoking for 5 months, without a crave or issue, until some imaginary issue reared its head and I started the process again.  It led to hiding, lying about it and not willing to budge an inch when the gig was up.  There comes a point and time when you just say "enough is enough."  A few days ago was that day, as I made the decision, have done a TON of research, and made an appointment to be medicated.  I've completed all of the paperwork, surveys, questions etc to see which drug is best for me, and had a consultation with my doctor; and tomorrow will meet with the Physicians Assistant to just verify everything and start the process. 

This blog is just a documentation of my journey.  I'm hopeful that the drug will not have to much effect on me in terms of side effects, as many have experienced.  I'm hopeful that I have the willpower in addition to meds to keep the quit, and I'm hopeful that I haven't done too much damage to my body or to those around me.  Join me for the journey.